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Humorous historical concert events in period costume

Corde di gioia (Italian for "Strings of happiness")

Our historical concert events have a unique concept: we sing and play music from the period, and in between, we act and entertain with scenes and sketches - e.g. Napoleon appears, the women's march to Versailles is acted out or a poem is recited. With all this, we aim to give an impression of the atmosphere of the time period. Our costumes are inspired by dresses from paintings, fashion magazines or surviving costumes of the period.

We already have programmes for the Baroque era, the Rococo, the time of the French Revolution and the Romantic era.

Bjælderne (this is Danish for "The Bells") 

(someone has said the correct translation is "The witches", but you must NOT believe them!)

We play medieval and renaissance music at medieval markets, in castles, in church concerts and on other occasions. We have loud instruments like medieval bagpipes and the big drum but also the quiet and heavenly sounding ones: harp and renaissance flute and, of course, the bells that are a noisy part of our outfit.

We are a small well-functioning group - actually mother and two daughters, 17 and 13 years old - the girls playing respectively the cello and the violin. We all sing and play the piano, while I (Maria) am a professional concert singer/soprano.

We speak English fluently since my husband is an English writer who doesn't speak a word of Danish!

Photo by A. Bork
Photo by A. Bork
Photo by A. Bork
Romantic Era
Photo by Lene Jensen
Medieval music
Photo by Anneli Bork

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25.09 | 09:17

Dear Maria, my daughter goes to Upton House and she has talked of nothing else since your visit, please could you let me know when you are next playing?

08.01 | 10:19

Mange tak for en dejlig oplevelse på Koldinghus. Lige fra isen smeltede i Giulys komposition til den sidste tone i jeres musikalske rejse lød, var det så smukt.

07.01 | 21:26

Smuk koncert på Koldinghus. Fint stykke som Giuly havde komponeret til lejligheden

20.07 | 11:17

OK, jeg glemte lige at skrive, at det var flot musik og sang. MVH. Bernt R.